In 2014 Kalakan was…


and also… beautiful meetings :

  • Oreka Tx / Kukai dantza : multidisciplinary show HERRITMO
  • Coro Easo : special show for the Quincena musical of San Sebastian
  • Silvia Iriondo (Argentine) : “El sonido de las Raices” performance for EXIB encounter in Bilbao
  • Ara Malikian (Liban) : Sustraiak-Raices” performance for Getxo Folk Festival

and also… tributes to the Basque culture

  • Txotx ! : Apple trees planting to launch cider season 2014
  • Poziktibity : in the company of the actress Barbara Goenaga, Kalakan promotes Basque language.

and also… a flashback of memories

Indeed, a few weeks ago we discovered that the MDNA Tour 2012 began to be broadcast on TVs.

… a photograph restrospective of the year by Ruth Cerqueira

In 2015 Kalakan will be….

A new album

The new record « Elementuak » is in the factory right now.

Videos and movies

  • « Kalakan and friends » : this concert filmed in Zumarraga in 2014 includes many friends with whom Kalakan have collaborated since his beginning. It will be broadcast on France 3 during the year (produced by Les Films Figures Libres and directed by spanish director Félix Cábez)
  • Kalakan will be one of the protagonists of the documentary « La troisième partie de la Gaule » by french director Eugène Green (produced by Les Films de l’Air).
  • « Sagarra jo » documentary produced by Baxter and Rojos will be presented to the public in the fall : www.sagarrajo.com

New collaborations and other surprises to discover at kalakan.fr

First steps of the band in Asia

The Boléro of Ravel with the Labèque sisters

Herritmo with OrekaTX and Kukai Dantza

Watch the Video

Coro Easo

Ara Makilian

Thousands of views :

Watch the Video
Watch the Video

Apple trees planting to launch cider season 2014

Poziktibity :

Watch the Video

The retrospective by Ruth Cerqueira

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