Kalakan reveals B side of their “Elementuak” album

Kalakan initially recorded the songs found in B_ aldeak with the Elementuak album in mind. Yet, those songs got left out of the final tracklist for coherence and format reasons. After sharing them on stage for over two years and experiencing warm audience response, the trio is releasing these songs in a maxi-single.

B_aldeak is exclusively sung a capella.

Each group member has composed a basa ahaide (wild song) inspired by the flight of birds of prey. Thierry, Xan and Jamixel come from an ancestral pastoral world now in deep transition. With their songs without words, they attempt to perpetuate a secular tradition of poet-and-singer shepherds.

“Birjina gaztetto bat zegoen” is a song about the annunciation to the Virgin Mary by the archangel Gabriel. “Ontasunik gabe” (without possessions) is a philosophical tale. Both reveal Kalakan’s spiritual dimension.

The voice is the expression of the soul, the first sound of the human being, the most touching, the most personal, the most profound. It is the essence of the band.

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